Abyzz A200-3M-110V DC Water Pump

Abyzz A200-3M-110V DC Water Pump

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The innovative Abyzz A200 pump with its titanium impeller consists of powerful and programmable menu-controlled electronic driver and a sinusoidal three-phase synchronous motor (pump).

The motor operates at an efficiency factor of over 90% which, along with the fact that you can adjust the speed to meet your performance requirements, makes it an energy-saving solution to traditional power hungry higher voltage pumps.

The integrated flushing bearing provides optimum protection against calcification (Calcium Carbonate deposits - CaCO3). In conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings and special hard metal shaft, this feature provides for low-maintenance operations.

The materials used to manufacture all of these components have been carefully selected so as to be harmoniously integrated into the overall design to look great, ensure a long operational lifetime, and meet the most demanding requirements and highest quality standards.

This product was developed and is manufactured in Germany by Venotec.  

Technical Specs

BOOSTMODE® max flow rate: 4,400 gph / 17,000 lph
Normal mode max flow rate: 3,850 gph / 14,500 lph
Discharge Flow Speed: max 5.4 m/s, nominal 4.6 m/s
Delivery height: max 28.6 ft / 8.8m
Rated input: 4W-200W
Input voltage: 110V~ @ 60Hz
Operating Voltage: 200V
Ambient temperature range for operation: 35.5°F - 104°F / +2°C - 40°C
Maximum operating pressure: 21.75 psi / 1,5 bar
Maximum immersion depth: 6.5 ft / 2m
Pump cable length: 9.75 ft / 3m
Inlet/outlet connections: 50mm/40 mm (suitable for PVC/AVB adhesive fittings)

What's In The Box?

Abyzz A200 pump and 110V 60Hz driver
Power cable: 5 ft / 1.5m
Driver/Controller connecting cable: 6.5 ft / 2 meters
Operating manual

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