H2Ocean Test Kit Iodine I2

H2Ocean Test Kit Iodine I2

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Iodine is present in seawater in many different forms, with only some being biologically available for our aquarium inhabitants to utilise. Total iodine concentrations in seawater can vary from one location to another and by depth however the average total iodine concentration of natural seawater is measured at 0.06ppm.
Whilst fish can gain their required amounts via the food they eat, corals and other invertebrates take up iodine directly from the surrounding water at different rates from one species to the next with gorgonians, micro and macro algae being primary consumers.
Iodine levels within marine aquaria should be monitored regularly. Although it is provided at natural levels of 0.06ppm in our H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Salt it becomes depleted quickly and must therefore be maintained by regular supplementation.
This high sensitivity iodine test kit will allow the user to simply and accurately measure levels so that they may be maintained by way of water changes or scheduled dosing.
Accuracy of this test is further improved by the use of a ‘standard’ that is created during each test which sets a known comparison point.



  • 0, 0.3ppm, 0.6ppm, 0.9ppm
  • Comparative to a standard reference at every test
  • Refills are available for this test kit

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