Midday 6000 Bulbs T5 24w. 39w, 54w, 80w

Midday 6000 Bulbs T5 24w. 39w, 54w, 80w

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D-D were the first on the market in the UK when we brought out our full range of lamps and tubes for planted, marine and reef aquariums around 2002.


D-D introduces the NEW brand name PRO-POWER T5 for its proven range of T5 lighting.

2014 saw the end of a nine year agreement for D-D to supply Giesemann Lichttechnik with its popular range of T5 tubes, which had been sold together around the world under the PowerChrome name.

D-D is now introducing a new brand name and smart new image for its well established and trusted line of Aquablue+, Actinic+, Lagoon Blue, AquaPink, Actinic Pure, Midday and Aquaflora T5 tubes.

Image above shows the current packaging and the new PRO-POWER T5 packaging.

D-D’s new PRO-POWER T5 packaging will be gradually introduced into the market as existing tube stocks are used up and will continue the legacy for D-D for supplying the best, high quality German T5 tubes in the hobby.

The new PRO-POWER T5 sleeves are colour coded for easy recognition of the spectrum and continue to offer the latest developments in T5 technology.D-D Pure Actinic T5 bulbs emit a pure actinic spectrum for maximum fluorescence from your corals.

     Luminous Flux 

  • 24W -1400 lm
  • 39W- 2450 lm
  • 54W -3500 lm
  • 80W- 4900 lm

     Colour Temperature

  • 5800 k

Available in 24W, 39W, 54W and 80W (2,3,4 and 5ft lengths)

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