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TUNZE® Nano Wavebox and Wavebox are suitable wave generators for all reef biotopes. They produce oscillating waves which permit waves and water movement almost identical with reef zones. Nano Wavebox and Wavebox are controlled by means of Wavecontroller 7092 or Multicontroller 7096, which use the energy of the waves in the resonance frequency of the tank in an ideal manner. The resonance frequency is set on the Wavecontroller; it is the frequency, at which the waves can reach the maximum height in the aquarium. At very little power consumption, an enormous water movement is produced very efficiently. All of the water in the tank is in movement, which means that water also laps around areas behind stones very well. In large tanks, a Wavebox 6215 and a Wavebox Extension 6215.50 should be fitted, the latter being a Wavebox 6215 without Wavecontroller 7092 which is used as an extension. Nano Wavebox and Wavebox can be fitted in any corner of the aquarium.
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